1. No means no.

  2. No drama. Please leave that outside the club.

  3. Absolutely no drugs permitted.

  4. Smoking is permitted outside in smoking area.

  5. Not responsible for lost items.

  6. Prostitution is PROHIBITED.

  7. Fetish wear permitted INSIDE CLUB ONLY!

  8. No crowding the hallways.

  9. Tampering with any electronics is strictly prohibited (please ask a staff member or instructor for help).

  10. Destruction of club property is a ban-able offense & Liable for damages.

  11. Oversized bags & purses will be searched or not prohibited (Permission may be granted in special situations).  Please leave oversized bags in your car.

  12. All bags and purses are subject to search upon entering and leaving the club.

  1. Must Be 21 yrs old to bring and or consume alcohol (Please present your ID when bringing Alcohol).

  2. Management reserves the right at any time to restrict your alcohol intake (NO ALCOHOL OR FOOD SOLD ON THE PROPERTY).

  3. Alcohol will not be served and or consumed one hour before closing.

  4. If you appear intoxicated and become belligerent, we will take necessary action to remedy the situation (up to expulsion from the club).

  5. If you are expelled from the club for intoxication, you must schedule a pick-up to come to get you. If you try to leave by driving, the authorities will be notified for yours and our protection.

  1. Cell phones are strictly prohibited, photography and video is not allowed in main areas. It is, however, allowed in private rooms. Permission must be given by management and written consent forms must be signed by all parties involved.

  1. Permission must be asked and granted by both parties giving consent to join them during counseling ( NO means NO).

  2. You may sit, watch and enjoy in public rooms. 

  3. We ask that you not interrupt and or make suggestions  unless you are asked/invited too.

  4. Please be quiet during counseling or class sessions.

  5. NO MEANS NO. Please respect that.